Please note: 

The website stock figures show available garments ready for production, each ordered item has to be customised with logos, initials & names... This process usually takes 10-15 working days (which are Monday through to Friday only).

Bespoke / Personalised items are Non-Returnable: This includes any Name or Logo additions to a garment, and any products listed as already featuring a specific Club / Team / University / School logo.

For EU-Clients:

Please note that all items that you purchase will be charged in GBP at checkout and are without VAT.

Bear in mind that there will be additional costs before delivery at your home. You will receive a message from the courier with costs for customs clearance and VAT in your country. The package will be delivered when these charges have been paid. It is therefore recommended to place orders with several members at the same time or per team. In the Surridge Webshop you can choose between 'individual orders' or orders 'for your team' to simplify this process.